Additional information about holography can be found here by several links. We are not responsible for the content of these external links. And now have fun !



Shearwater Foundation

Shearewater Foundation is a foundation devoted to holography



Frank deFreitas Internet WEBSEUM of Holography


Lake Forest

At Lake Forest College regularly symposia of worldwide holographers are held


Spatial Imaging Group

MIT Media Lab´s 3D-developments at MIT



Integraf Inc.

Integraf distributes holographic film material and offers courses


Three Dimensional Imagery

Steve Michael offers instructions for "home made" holograms


Amateur Holographie

Produce your own holograms easy and cost-effective



Hologram production and machinery



Laser Reflections

Laser Reflections produces pulse-laser portrait holograms


The Benyon Archieve

Many links to holographic artists and museums


Rudie Berkhout, Artist/Holographer

Rudie´s homepage, interesting information and art-holograms


Dictionnaire des Arts Médiatiques

Encyclopedia of media arts (french)



Voxel Digital Holography

3D-monitors for science and technique


Light in Space 3D-Company

3D-Rendering Service (german)


Stereoscopic Animated Hypercube

Stereoscopy, Fechner Illusion and other 3D-samples



Academy of Media Arts, Cologne (german)



3D views QTVR - Quicktime 5 / Plugin required


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Stereoskopie

Interedting information about stereoscopy (german)


Holo 3

Holographic measuring (engl. / french)


Holographie und Molekular Biologie

DNA molekules + low energy electrons (german)